Locke Lifestyle Properties

At Locke Lifestyle Properties, we redefine the essence of luxury real estate in the heart of Dubai. As a boutique agency, we specialize in offering an exclusive selection of extreme luxury properties, each a rare gem in its own right. Our clientele is a testament to our commitment to privacy and exclusivity, catering only to a select group of referred and thoroughly vetted individuals and companies.


Founded on a blend of rich culture and expert knowledge, Locke Lifestyle Properties stands as a beacon of opulence in the real estate market. Our portfolio showcases an exclusive selection of rare residential properties, new modern commercial buildings, and strategically located plots of land. Our mission for our clients is straightforward: we prioritize privacy and meticulously curate the finest portfolio possible, ensuring a seamless transaction process with the utmost discretion. The established and proven network we have opens doors to a world that remains inaccessible to many.

At Locke Lifestyle Properties, it’s not just about where we can take you; it’s about how we get you there. 

Our unparalleled access and discreet, bespoke services set us apart in a league of our own.